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STEREK! Oh glorious Strerek I ship it! I also wanna lick T. Hoeclin all over.
Because he's gross like that.
Klaine, Sherlock, Supernatural, Walking Dead.

Have I mentioned DOCTOR WHO AND STEREK????

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Dylan O’Brien Suits Up For ‘Fashionisto’

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babe u buyin this



sam we’ve shared living space


i’m pretty sure you know how we feel about sex

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most underrated Doctor

His face.

Always reblog.

Love, love, love Nine.

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au - After Lydia announces her engagement to Stiles, the Stilinskis decide to start a series of recording for their unborn child.

Part 2 of the Baby Stilinski Vlogs Series. (Part 1) Also, Sarah, you dig me.

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AU: After Lydia announces her pregnancy, the Stilinskis decide to record the nine months leading up to the birth.

Part 1 of the Baby Stilinski Vlogs Series. (Part 2) Also, Reina, I dig you. 

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My friend’s dad used to work at a movie theatre where a lot of celebrities came to apparently and one time Tom Hanks came in and he was feeding tickets into the machine and couldn’t see anything so the guy up top was like “dude, that’s Tom Hanks” and her dad was like “yeah right if that’s Tom Hanks I’ll start eating these tickets” and Tom Hanks leans over the counter and whispers “start eating the tickets” 

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The fourth of my giveaway prize winner images. This one is for so-halerious, who requested Werefox Stiles and Derek being adorable and cuddling. After all their adventures, I think some sleepy cuddles are in order. ♥ I want a giant fluffy pillow to nap on

Four down, one more to go! And then I’ll be uploading them onto my Society6 store to buy, and opening up for commissions!

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#this is totally were!stiles being interrogated by the winchesters #and he is giving no answers and no fucks  (via crusingthroughreality)


I really would love to see that crossover, repeatedly, in every possible position. Even if it would end in tears because let’s be real, everything the Winchesters touch ends in tears. Poor little shits.

“Look kid,” Sam says. It’s the third time he’s tried the good cop routine and Dean can hear it wearing thin. “We know you had nothing to do with the murders. But we also know you’re not the only werewolf in town.”

The kid tips his head and sucks on his lips, the total absence of fucks glaringly obvious. Dean is both frustrated as hell and grudgingly impressed because, hell, they’ve dealt with demons less sassy than this.

Sam sighs, and Dean has to cough into his hand to keep from laughing because that particular brand of exasperation is usually reserved for him. “Just be straight with us.”

For some reason, that’s hilarious. It takes a second before Dean remembers the dude they’d seen the kid with before they’d picked him up. Big, serial killer looking guy, sporting leather and a possessive hand on kid-snark’s back. Oh man.

Dean snorts and gives Sam patented ‘what? it’s funny’ shoulders when it earns him a glare.

“Trust me, dude,” the kid says. “I’m being as straight with you as…well, I was gonna say humanly possible but…”

A flash of canines has Sam rolling his eyes and sue him, Dean sorta wants to high-five the kid. You know you’ve been hunting for too long when you start rooting for your mark.

“You’re driving a stolen car,” Sam says. “You’re carrying a fake ID. Every word out of your mouth so far has been bullshit-

“Says the hunter posing as an FBI agent,” the kid says, tapping a nonchalant beat on his water bottle.

Sam pulls out bitch-face number eleven. “Is anything about you real?”

The kid grins and bobs his head. “My boobs.”

Dean laughs so hard he almost pulls something.