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i've read through all the fics in the vampire!stiles tag. do you think you could update it when you get some time please? thank you <3



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Silver Only Shines in the Moonlight (And I Rise With My Red Hair) by  (10/10 | 26,545 | R)

Stiles died alone.

He didn’t honestly know what he had been expecting; he had made it a habit to hang out with (and occasionally fight) bloodthirsty supernatural creatures of the night, and that had become a more frequent occurrence after all of that Darach business a while back. As the warmth of his blood seeped steadily through his fingers and onto the cold, filthy floor, he realized that no one was coming, that no one would be there in time.
Stiles couldn’t help the single whimper of utter helplessness.
Stiles becomes a member of the rapidly growing Beacon Hills supernatural population, to his own disgust, and along the way he finds out a thing or two about himself and the people he cares about most.

We Run the Night by  (28/28 | 89,150 | NC-17)

In a world where the likelihood of vampires and werewolves getting along is zero to none; Stiles has to learn how to navigate his coven through Beacon Hills and their werewolf pack. With his loyalty and future in the coven on the line will he be able to do all that his Sire wants while trying to ignore his feelings for one of the wolves?

Part 1 of In the Dark

You Suck by  (1/1 | 8,382 | NC-17)

It’s obviously rude and insensitive when Derek grabs Stiles by the wrist and yanks his thumb out of his mouth, but Stiles just snorts a laugh when it’s immediately replaced with one of the bigger curly fries out of his Arbys’ bag.

“You’re going to get buck teeth,” Derek says, folding his arms and looking pointedly at Stiles.

“I am not–” Stiles cuts himself off as his tongue darts over his upper lip. He makes a face and runs it over over his front teeth, lip skinning up in an unintentional baring of teeth. “Do I have buck teeth?” he panics. The curly fries are forgotten and dropped into the trash.

Pack’s Blood by  (28/28 | 43,364 | NC-17)

Deaton sighed and looked back down at Stiles. “Sorry, but you’re going to be a member of the undead.”
Groaning, Stiles covered his face. “I’m doing what? Fangs? Sparkles? Extreme sun allergy? Any way to reverse it?”

And that’s how Derek ended up babysitting the new baby vampire while he got adjusted. Stiles learns a lot about himself while he also learns that vampires and werewolves weren’t always enemies.

Part 1 of Pack’s Blood

Halloween Every Full Moon by  (4/? | 6,801 | PG-13)

Derek is sure, in some other universe where shit like this is funny, he and Stiles would be sharing knowing, reminiscent looks after the drifter literally rips Stiles’ throat out. With his teeth. Right before exploding into flames.

i think stiles would also get extremely turned on if Derek puts his hand on his thigh




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It’s not like they’re dating or anything, but their friendship has come a long way from I-don’t-trust-you-you-don’t-trust-me. Stiles thought he buried that little crush long ago, went off and had real relationships, went to college, did all that jazz. Coming back to Beacon Hills and hanging out with Derek as an adult is nice, okay, and Stiles isn’t expecting more than friendship.

He’s kind of thrown off by how easy it is to fall for Derek the more time they spend together, but Stiles keeps his feelings under wraps, doesn’t want to make it weird. 

So it takes Stiles completely by surprise when Derek is driving him home from what turned into a weekly beer-and-bowling thing, the top forties are playing on the radio, there hasn’t been any supernatural ridiculousness for two weeks, the wind is blowing through Stiles’ hair, and then Derek just casually places his hand on Stiles’ thigh. Thumb slightly moving in a steady caress. Derek. Caressing his thigh. 

It feels so natural and normal and affectionate that Stiles doesn’t even notice for a few seconds, and when he does he automatically reaches out as if to take Derek’s hand in his and whoa wait what is he doing? 

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More fluffy Derek plz.  And some more sparky Stiles stuff.  And less of most everything else.


More fluffy Derek plz.  And some more sparky Stiles stuff.  And less of most everything else.


"You work to much on that wolf man thing, don’t you think? I think it’s better if you just leave this case."

"I know, Derek. I want to have more time with you too, but if I won’t bring something about this guy, I’ll probably lose my job. After this, I’ll have more time for you, I promise.

Sterek AU: THE AMAZING WOLF MAN [soon on ao3] for the Super Hero Week

Stiles works at the press of the Beacon City newspaper and is the best story writer there. But when suddenly a mysterious wolf guy appears in Beacon City, the whole public throws itself on this “amazing wolf man” and is crazy after him. Stiles finds himself frustrated about his job for the first time because this stupid wolf man will ruin his job when he doesn’t bring something incredible and unique to the readers. He will, Stiles thinks. He’ll get to publish a picture of his face which no one could take yet because every time a security camera tries to make a picture of him, it’s like a huge flash light would blind the camera. Stiles will make it somehow, he just knows. But ugh… He honestly just wants to have time with his boyfriend instead of this wolf man nonsense.



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