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Doctor Who? I have no idea who that is and NO, I do not know it by heart, excuse you! Multishipper.

STEREK! Oh glorious Strerek I ship it! I also wanna lick T. Hoeclin all over.
Because he's gross like that.
Klaine, Sherlock, Supernatural, Walking Dead.

Have I mentioned DOCTOR WHO AND STEREK????

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Absolutely. Except Stiles looks enraged at the thought of Derek getting killed. Not frightened or horrified. ENRAGED. And FOCUSED. They will not get Derek. They will not so much as touch a hair on Derek’s head….

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Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia

Star of MTV’s hit supernatural drama Teen Wolf, Tyler Hoechlin, is known for playing the breakout role of Derek Hale, who was born a warewolf and was initially that dark horse that viewers could not tell was good or bad.

Connecting with the actor, Hoechlin shares what it’s like being on one of television’s most talked about shows, from a passionate baseball player to fully commit to an acting career, preparation for his upcoming role in an independent film called ‘Undrafted’, directed by actor Joe Mazzello and what the future looks like. 

Tyler Hoechlin was shot by New York based photographer Bryan Kong and styled by Juliet Vo in labels such as DKNY, Ermenegildo Zegna, Emporio Armani, Kenzo, Tom Ford and Salvatore Ferragamo for the August 2014 issue of August Man Malaysia. 

Creative Director Melvin Chan / Grooming Sydney Zibrak - The Wall Group / Set Designer Mikki Mamaril / Digital Imaging Sebastian Bar / Photography Assistant Will Reid / Stylist Assistant Janea Moreto


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People praising Darren for asking about smut like it’s the second coming of Christ, while at the same time condemning Chris for being uncomfortable with it. And comparing them, while making Chris out to be the bad guy.

How do I stop the planet and get off? I’m done.

SOURWILFIEEEEE ^_^ And I checked the tag. He didn’t ask about smut, he wanted to know if there IS any cause it makes Chris uncomfortable. Then again, JuJu said he was mosly drunk by the time he got to the tables, so….

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"But like a full service date? With a three course dinner, movies and a sleepover? And a dessert?"
"You need to define what do you mean by dessert…"
"Okay, with dessert."

sophiewithaz asked for Sterek + 51

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Sterek AU: Now Derek thinks about it, his boss might have mentioned that his son was in a band. Whoops. 

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everytime hoechlin laughs, a puppy is born. a kitten mewls. an angel gains its wings. war pauses. the sun smiles back. hate is ceased. babies stop crying. hearts skip a beat. i cry a puddle.

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"If today was your last day on earth, what would you do?"

I looked at the all their reactions and then I looked at the interviewer, priceless!